【Live情報】無観客配信ライブ「I HATE COVID-19」の開催が決定!

2020.06.20 /

初の無観客配信ライブ『I HATE COVID-19』の開催が決定致しました。

Online Streaming Oneman


2020年7月12日(日) 19:00開演


配信チケット ¥1500



チケット購入ページ→ https://sunhall.zaiko.io/_item/327310




Live Streaming Oneman Concert

『 ‪I HATE COVID-19‬』

‪ July 12, 2020 (Sunday) 19:00 Start (Japan time) ‬

‪Ticket fee ¥1500‬ (Japanese Yen)

Tickets now available!

Purchase tickets here → https://sunhall.zaiko.io/_item/327310

*Ticket sale period [6/20 (Sat) 21:00-7/19 (Sun) 18:00]

*This livestream can be watched by people all over the world by purchasing a ticket.

*The video archive will stay available until July 20th (Monday) 20:00.

*The delivery URL can be viewed by only the ZAIKO account which made the purchase.

*Even if you share the URL to SNS, the stream will only be viewable with your ZAIKO account.

*If you watch the livestream from the middle, it will stream from that point, you cannot rewind and play back during live stream.